Story, story.  There was a woman who had two children. We shall call them Tolu and Bola. The woman was popularly known has Iya Bola or mummy Bola. Tolu and Bola had four years gap between them but they were as close as bread and butter. They had a cousin, who was an only child of her parents. Elizabeth or Beth as she is fondly called lived with Iya Bola and her children. Iya Bola took Beth as her own and since Beth was a year older than Bola, people assumed she had three children. Beth and Bola dressed as twins and did everything together. They were in the same class in primary school while Tolu was already in jss2.  In senior secondary school, Beth and Bola chose the same class, Art. Beth could draw well and Bola was a good writer and singer.

By this time, Tolu was already in the first year of university studying Economics. Beth and Bola wrote all exams and made their papers. Mind you, Beth’s health, education and basically her life was cared for and paid for by Iya Bola. They wrote exams to the university Tolu was in but only Bola got in. Iya Bola kept on buying jamb form for Beth and also take care of her children. She was earning an income that was a bit average so everything was alright.

Beth finally got into university to study philosophy. It was an all round celebration for the family. Four years passed and everybody was done with school and serving. They were now looking for jobs. Tolu got a job with a firm as a financial strategist, Bola decided to create a blog and start as a writer and singer. Along the way, she fell in love with design and added it to her skills.

Beth had skills quite alright, she wanted to learn further as a make up artist and fashion designer. And so it began.

Iya Bola paid for Beth to further her skills in make up and fashion designing. After the class, Beth said she wanted to go home to her parents. She went home and things went south. Her parents called Iya Bola and thanked her. Iya Bola not suspecting anything accepted the thank you. Beth’s parent started telling anyone who cared to listen how Iya Bola maltreated her child, how they were the ones sending money to her to train their child and all. Iya Bola could scarcely believe her ears when she heard her friends discussing it.

She confronted Beth and her parents asking them why they would do that and even if the parents did that why did Elizabeth not correct them. It was a painful thing for her that the girl she raised as her own, showed her love and treated equally with her children could do this to her.

You would think things will end there?     Beth’s parents told their family members too and since Iya Bola was married to Beth’s mom brother, it was easy for things to get ugly. They said mean things to her and reminded her that it was their brother who made her who she was. She cried for days. Iya Bola let the issue get to her and allowed the hurt and betrayal take roots in her heart. Her health went haywire. It was a bad period for her.

After sometimes with lots of persuasion from Tolu and Bola to forget the issue and move on, Iya Bola buried the issue and let them be. As for Beth,  she is now with her aunt and is not working yet. She can do the makeup and fashion designing but she has no business yet.

When I heard the story, I was shocked that people could be mean. It was unfair of Beth and her parents to do that to a woman who was nothing but nice to them. I mean have you not heard of aunts who treat their nieces like trash? Beth was lucky to have met one who loved her.

I feel sometimes, people hurt us but they have no control over our peace. Yes you are hurt, betrayed and cheated but you have to realize that holding on to it will only cause a seed of hatred, bitterness and a lot of health issues. Don’t let the mistake of one family make you lose focus of your purpose and direction.

Comment below what you think about this story and if you were Iya Bola what would you have done?                                 Also what advice can you give?


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