Modelling from my perspective: the journey 1

“Learning who you are is what you are here to do.”

_ R.J. Palacio

Few days back I posted a picture of myself on

instagram with the above caption.

Hello there, beautiful people, this is Mimi

Ashama and welcome to my blog. I hope you

have fun reading this as much as I did when

writing it.

Six months back, June 2018 I decided to put my

height, face and body features to good use by

becoming a model. It has not been an easy feat.

When I started, I had little to no clue about

modeling. I just knew I had the height and all.

A friend of mine I told about my interest in

modeling then introduced me to an upcoming

modelling agency while I was in school. I took a

liking to it and joined. I signed the contract but I

specified that I actually wanted to just do

commercial, fashion, and runway modelling.

It was agreed upon. Signatures on paper I was

officially a model under that agency. I was then

asked to pay 10,000 for T-shirt, bag and handout.

I went for training and got to know my manager

finally. I got a job through the agency though it

wasn’t a paid one and it was my first job as a


I went through too many rehearsals and

each rehearsal had almost different instructors

it was tiring.

I knew I was bigger than most of the models

there. I am a plus size model. Two weeks to the

show they said I had a good walk and expression

but it would be nice to reduce my waist size.

They suggested intense workout, lemon and

water every day. I tried it but I was only able to

drop two inches. We had our final

rehearsal/fitting and one of the designers gave

me a top to model. At least I modelled

something now.

The day was finally here. My sisters and friends

bought tickets to come support me and till now

they tease me about it. The show came and

went and that was it. I did not get my pictures

till almost a month after the show and the

pictures were kind of blurry.

The second show I was supposed to walk for

requested 5,000 naira because they wanted to

lodge us in a house for 3 days and pick the next

top model. I cannot pay 5,000 naira oo so I

stopped going for rehearsal. I went for the show

to support a friend who paid. The show was not

what I expected but I was supporting my friend.

I had little choice. So throughout my stay in the

agency I had only one job and one editorial

(I believe).

My ex-manager stopped calling me for jobs or

anything. I only saw pictures of the other models

and I felt left out.

After a while I stopped bothering myself and

just told myself that wouldn’t it be better if I was

my own agent or I apply to other agencies? The

agency did their own fashion show but I did not

partake. I wasn’t going to be around (my fault).

Then I got home. I told my siblings that I wanted

to leave the agency since I was not getting

anything and then I was not gaining informations.

Few weeks later, I got an offer through my sister

but the person refused to do or say anything

unless I can show the contract so that there

would be no problem. My siblings too then

asked for the contract but my copy wasn’t with


I messaged my then manager no reply, I called a

friend too no reply. I met with the person before

they finally sent the contract. We went through it

and agreed that it would be best I be a freelance


I messaged my then manager to say I didn’t want

to be under the agency again. My ex-manager

replied in an unprofessional way. The message


you are not up to standard, you have no idea

what modelling is all about, I don’t need you and

I can sue your mom and brother because the

agency is registered. So bye ๐Ÿ‘‹ ๐Ÿ‘‹

My siblings and I laughed so hard that day.

It felt like a weight had been lifted off.

I was free!


Now I am an upcoming plus size model with

little experience. I want to shoot my shot in the

last month of 2018.

Hi, My name is Sarah Ineamimye Ashama.

I am interested in becoming a commercial model,

runway model, editorial model, body part

(hand, face, hair and large feet)model.

If you are a designer and in need of a plus size

model of any of the above mentioned in Nigeria,

here is my contact:


Hello again lovelies, thanks for staying till the end.

I hope you enjoyed the story and I will appreciate

feedback and constructive criticism. Please don’t

forget to like, share, comment and follow my


PS: if you know a designer or you are a designer

in need of my services, do not hesitate to contact


Thank you.

Much love,

Ineamimye Ashama ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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