Click! Click! Went the camera of every phone owner there. My boyfriend and I went for a business party to celebrate the 20th year of simi_writes foundation. There was fashion show, singing competition, dancing competition and auctioning of women as dates to men which was how I met my boyfriend of two years in the first place.  As of recent he is always on his phone and he is being secretive. If there is one thing I know about my boyfriend, he cannot keep a secret to save his life and they call we women blabber mouth. The next show to take place was the one my boyfriend was in charge of. He left me immediately we got to the party saying he was going to check on his crew.  His show is on now. 

The first person that came out looked like a pantomime performer he was holding a white rose which he gave to me. Okay that is normal I thought. The second person was my boyfriend’s best friend he was holding two yellow roses. Then my boyfriend came out holding two red roses which he gave to me. 
I sniffed all roses then the last rose my boyfriend gave me had something inside that poked my nose. I thought it was a bee so I checked it and found a ring. I picked it out and looked at my boyfriend. So that’s where my ring went to! he exclaimed. He collected the ring, got on one knee while I anxiously held my hand out thinking he wanted to propose but he bent his head and tied his shoe. He raised his head and said it’s all part of the show, happy April’s fool day my love. 


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