Domestic violence 

Woman; battered and bruised,
Confident woman; a shadow of herself
Talker, activist and fighter long gone,
Husband, father, lover, friend; batterer.
Woman; battered and bruised,
How long shall you be beaten and bruised
How long shall you suffer and stay?
You say ‘I love him’, You say ‘he promises to change’
You say, ‘i stay because of my children’
And so you stay.
Woman; battered and bruised, the kicks, slaps and bruises tell the story.
Your children witness your suffering.
Who shall take of your​ children when you are ‘gone too soon’? The grave will hold no comfort still,
You toss and turn at the thought of them,
Left with the husband, the father; batterer.
Man; battered and bruised,
Wife, lover; batterer.
You say ‘how can I leave’?
You say ‘I am a man not a weakling’, You say ‘people will mock me’, And so you stay.
Man; battered and bruised,
Violence knows no masculinity,
Her words cut, her slaps sting,
You think of your masculinity,
And so you stay.
Woman; battered and bruised,
Man; battered and bruised,
How can the one to have your back
Make you watch your back in fear?
Words hurt,
Kicks, slaps and punches hurt too.
Take a stand,
Say NO to domestic violence.
Do not stay.
#no fake love


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