Sarah Ineamimye Ashama is a student that spends her time reading, writing and dancing. She appreciates the forms of writing and looks forward to publishing her own fictional book someday.  She is the author of “words unspoken”.



She is a freelance writer, proofreader, voice artist, model and youtuber.
She started her blog when she was in highschool as an assignment and fell in love with blogging. She realized as an avid reader she had keen eyes to spot grammatical errors and misspelling.

Ineamimye created this blog to share her stories, poetry, personal experiences and as a way to open up feelings.

Anyways, she hopes you have fun on her blog and would love to hear your thoughts.

Below are some of her works also:

I joined the modelling industry mid last year and while I haven’t done anything major, I felt the need to explain my experience and tell what it’s been like so far. I enjoy modelling and the thought of it. I mean I love dress up and looking beautiful always. Click the link above to read my experience of how and when I started.

This is a poem I wrote to create awareness. Domestic violence isn’t just being beaten by your spouse. Violence doesn’t mean beating alone, it means anything that brings suffering to you. So it could be emotionally, physically, mentally. Please do click on the above link to read more on it and don’t forget to leave your thoughts.

I wrote this story as a form of humor. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Please Click Here to visit my blog page


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